Take Care Tips Talks: Presentations that Inspire Transformation

Jen brings her warmth, wit, and wisdom to keynotes, workshops, and wellness presentations that inspire attendees to take better care of themselves.

As a wife, mom of 5, and former family caregiver who also works outside of the home, Jen understands the demands of everyday life, especially when it comes to caring for others. That’s why her talks focus on practical, easy-to-implement self-care strategies. Her simple tips make a world of difference.

Jennifer’s talks are designed to inspire transformation from within. Through her engaging storytelling and relatable experiences, she creates a safe and supportive environment where attendees can explore the depths of self-care and begin to embrace self-compassion.

Knowing that everyone’s self-care journey is unique, she tailors her talks to support the needs of each audience.

Whether you’re a professional caregiver, a family caregiver, or anyone faced with juggling the demands of a busy life, Jennifer’s guidance is personalized to help you navigate the complexities of your role while maintaining your well-being.

She empowers audiences to break down barriers to self-care by teaching simple self-care solutions that help people realize that taking small steps in prioritizing their own health brings about big, positive results.

Jen’s commitment to helping people take better care of themselves while taking care of others doesn’t end with the talk. She wants people to thrive on their self-care journeys and offers ongoing support through newsletters, online workshops and challenges, and a Take Care Tips community that keeps members motivated and connected.

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