The Awe-Inspiring Benefits of Watching a Solar Eclipse

The Awe-Inspiring Benefits of Watching a Solar Eclipse

April 08, 20241 min read

Today marks the day of the total solar eclipse! In this rare occasion, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun which will completely block the light of the sun for a brief moment. Not only is this a beautiful sight to see, did you know that there is science backed research that this event could cause us less stress and feel more connected?

This is because the total solar eclipse gives us a huge sense of awe. Research shows that awe produces important health benefits including a deep connection to others as well as the beauty and wonder of the universe. These feelings can have a direct correlation to improving one’s outlook on life and overall mental health. The awe that we feel during a solar eclipse makes us think outside of our sense of self and we become more aware of things around us. This event reminds us that we are a small part of something larger and our small annoyances and worries are put into perspective.

When we feel anxiety, we are overwhelmed by our worries and dark thoughts, which is known as rumination. Awe is the exact opposite of rumination. I invite you to take some time alone in a quiet space and think about where you can find awe in your everyday lives, whether that be a child in your family learning to take their first steps, a wedding that you are attending, or even just the fact that you exist! The total eclipse opens up the opportunity for us to feel more connected, thankful, and loving to those around us as well as ourselves. So, get your protective glasses out and get ready to experience this awe-inspiring event!

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